This is the blog of writers Tim Rich and Tom Lynham. It’s about the ideas, things, scenes, words and characters we encounter on our travels through life. Hence 66,000 miles per hour – our velocity as we fly through space and around the Sun. You are welcome to add comments, as long as they’re not about erectile dysfunction pills, dental mailing lists or invitations to recycle the assets of a recently assassinated military leader.


I help organisations to communicate better. Compelling writing with a creative twist generates interactive chemistries with audiences. I work with public and private sector clients on a broad range of projects – from international tone of voice programmes involving thousands of employees, to language strategy for start-ups. I’m one of the founders of 26.


I’m a director of Black Ship Communications Ltd and one of the founders of 26. In my day job I write and advise on everything from a company’s overall story to crisis communications, speeches, corporate reporting, brand, values and tone of voice. I work with everyone from the directors of some of the world’s largest corporations to a small, radical mental health charity. I run writing workshops for business people and designers. I’ve co-edited four books; on writing, the alphabet, the Circle Line and football. And I’m one half of photographic duo World of Good. I’m Linkedin here. I tweet here.



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