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Typographical salvage

Fellow typophiles and letterati might want to direct themselves to Glyphics Signs on Leonard Street, EC2. The company makes all manner of signage and print, from wayfinding and wallpaper to vinyls and hand lettering. But the real draw is the eclectic collection of alphabetical orphans they have for sale.

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City of Literature

One of the postcards caused me some disquiet. It recalls a shocking episode from my days living in Norwich. I didn’t want to trivialise something that left many people deeply upset. But Ian McEwan’s Sweet Tooth had taken me right back to the site of that event, and I felt it would be dishonest if I didn’t reflect this in my piece.

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Poem on the Underground

Earlier in the week I came across this notice board at Tufnell Park Tube station. It was an unexpected encounter, and rather moving. Does someone at the station regularly update the board with new words? I don’t know. I’ll check next time I visit. Spike Milligan served as a bombardier in the Royal Artillery during the […]

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Writing is not about rules, but communicating ideas. Any company that rejects a job application because of a misplaced apostrophe is barking up the wrong tree. The most original thinkers I work with struggle to tie their shoelaces.

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Leaders and Speechwriters

‘You start by writing down the headline you want to see in the paper after you’ve delivered the speech. Then you write the two press releases for the articles you want to appear as follow-up stories to the speech. Then you sit down to write the speech.’ Paddy Ashdown

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Whale of a time

Moby Dick: Big Read presents an online version of Melville’s book, with each chapter read aloud and accompanied by a painting, drawing or photograph.

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Darkness in the heart of town

Of all the impacts of the storm, the loss of power and its impact on the quality and availability of light has been one of its most clearly visible and surprising aspects.

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Words in the airways

From a glowing Bakelite wireless in the distant 1950s to the latest digital receiver, my ears have experienced an onslaught of millions of multi-layered words.

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Rubbish story

For the past few years, I’ve collected handwritten notes that have been abandoned on London’s streets. Now a new form of writing is born – ‘litterature’

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All aboard

Depending on where you find yourself in New York City, outdoor chess is almost certainly available within 15 to 20 minutes.

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