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Journey: day three

Most prosecutions have to rely on victims’ statements, and barristers for the accused love to destroy vulnerable people in the dock.

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Unfinished conclusions

What is this obsession with finishing things? Does life really become more manageable with beginnings, middles and ends, or is ‘finished’ just a comfort zone? The point at which any act concludes is purely subjective. We are in a perpetual state of unfinished everything.

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Imaginary Client

Once upon a time I helped a luxury hospitality group in the Persian Gulf define and communicate their offer. We had countless conversations around perceptions of luxury, and concluded that 7-star self-indulgence was in the eye of the beholder. Their hotels should provide the culture and environment that inspired guests to create their own luxurious […]

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Bottles, beliefs and blobs

My review of ‘A Book about Innocent: Our Story and Some Things We’ve Learned’ by Richard Reed and Dan Germain, from Eye magazine. Shortly after it began trading, Innocent received a letter from the Trading Standards Office enquiring about the two ‘plump nuns’ listed among the ingredients of a smoothie. Innocent replied that it was […]

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Blake Morrison

“When you spend all day working with words, sometimes you can articulate things that others are feeling in a way that a dry political approach cannot. That is the role of the creative writer, the poet, and the novelist. They can engage at the human level, touch people, move people and inspire people to take […]

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