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From the heart

“Brand is not a communication issue,” says Olins, “it is an issue of communication plus behaviour plus product.”

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The noise of waters

The Thames Water van was on a street nearby. ‘We love water’ suggests these providers of London-based aquatic solutions are making a noble effort to sound friendly and engaging.

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Back to Midtown

If you’re going to promote an area’s links with great writers, you have to do better than ‘The Bloomsbury Set, based in the area included Virginia Woolf and E.M. Forster.’ It doesn’t even make sense.

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The game of the name

A good name rolls the most relevant points about the organisation or thing or activity into one word or phrase. It’s a linguistic roulade. When something is tough to name it’s often because the proposition isn’t clear and compelling. You can’t create a meaningful, memorable name unless there’s something meaningful and memorable to convey.

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