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26 Words

From random selections to choosing to create a strict Vinca verse form, this project was brought to life through the liberation of constraints.

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At 66000mph

Some pieces from us that you may have missed: Attention span Far from being helpless victims of technology-driven dumbing-down, we are actively paying attention in all sorts of new and productive ways. Calisthenics for the brain The act of writing can help us to explore new ideas, clarify what we know and don’t know, and […]

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Turned out nice again

The Southbank Centre invited me to create a language installation for the Festival of Neighbourhood. The site stretches from Waterloo Bridge to the London Eye, and incorporates the new Jubilee Gardens that front the old Shell complex. Language is a strong theme in this year’s summer festivities. They include the London Literary Festival, typo-graphics by […]

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Words in the airways

From a glowing Bakelite wireless in the distant 1950s to the latest digital receiver, my ears have experienced an onslaught of millions of multi-layered words.

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Rubbish story

For the past few years, I’ve collected handwritten notes that have been abandoned on London’s streets. Now a new form of writing is born – ‘litterature’

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A thunder of assent

Throughout Churchill: The Power of Words, you are reminded of the importance of the physicality of writing, and the way in which the scaffolding of language is built, piece by piece, with effort and craft, to arrive at something which inspires, moves and motivates

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Hoxton Bienniale

Just recovering from the launch party of the 5th Hoxton Biennale. The months of preparation are as exhausting as they are exhilarating, but it’s worth all the effort when I see the streets, cafes, bars, galleries and public buildings filling with heart-stopping works of staggering genius.

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Comfortable among the clouds

Joseph Roth’s What I Saw captures his impressions and observations as he wanders Berlin in the years between the two World Wars. He re-constructs the city before the reader’s eyes. But it’s very much his Berlin – one moment a hard reality of stone and traffic, the next a floating world of dizzying shapes and elusive symbols.

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Tis as human a little story

Designers don’t always limit themselves to pure function; why should copywriters restrict themselves to functional language?

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Could be foggy

The English language in America is fog-bound. This is hellish serious, more serious than who will be the next Republican nominee for the Presidency

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