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On argument, instruction and authenticity

It’s refreshing to see a business have and express a point of view

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I picked up a carton of the milk chocolate version, looked at the packaging and entered a parallel world of Modern Milk-soaked surrealism.

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Write Copy, Make Money

We copywriters need to invest full and proper time in commercial matters, as well as our commercial writing. But sometimes we forget about the basics of good business when we’re trying to hit a series of fast-moving deadlines.

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The game of the name

A good name rolls the most relevant points about the organisation or thing or activity into one word or phrase. It’s a linguistic roulade. When something is tough to name it’s often because the proposition isn’t clear and compelling. You can’t create a meaningful, memorable name unless there’s something meaningful and memorable to convey.

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Full of passionate intensity

We are passionate about accountancy. Abacus We are passionate about insurance. Churchill Insurance We are passionate about drains. Amalgamated Services We are passionate about initial public offerings. Renaissance Capital We are passionate about engaging employers in developing their workforce and raising the aspirations and achievements of all learners. B-Skill We are passionate about our cattle. Martin’s […]

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Imaginary Client

Once upon a time I helped a luxury hospitality group in the Persian Gulf define and communicate their offer. We had countless conversations around perceptions of luxury, and concluded that 7-star self-indulgence was in the eye of the beholder. Their hotels should provide the culture and environment that inspired guests to create their own luxurious […]

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Unfinished business

Absorbing talk from Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, last Friday night at the LSE – part of an event that included Professor Richard Sennett and a waggish Sir Howard Davies. Their theme: ‘On Narrative and Ritual’. Rowan began by talking about how we use narrative to make sense of things, and quickly anchored narrative […]

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Honour and silk

My wife Lesley Katon has an avian eye for wonderful second-hand books. No gloamy back room, unsorted pile or foxed cover can temper her pursuit of a homeless bibliographical gem. So it was yesterday, when she returned from our local bookshop – Dim & Distant – with this battered but beautiful piece. Published by Delpire in […]

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