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Comfortable among the clouds

Joseph Roth’s What I Saw captures his impressions and observations as he wanders Berlin in the years between the two World Wars. He re-constructs the city before the reader’s eyes. But it’s very much his Berlin – one moment a hard reality of stone and traffic, the next a floating world of dizzying shapes and elusive symbols.

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Then we take Berlin…

The delicate dynamics of East and West no longer hold the city in aggravated tension. The no-go-zones and wastelands of divided Berlin are now crammed with generic curtain wall architecture, and gentrification of the old east has blurred all the distinctions I remember.

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Unfinished conclusions

What is this obsession with finishing things? Does life really become more manageable with beginnings, middles and ends, or is ‘finished’ just a comfort zone? The point at which any act concludes is purely subjective. We are in a perpetual state of unfinished everything.

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