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The other day I ran a writing workshop for designers with the talented Rob Self-Pierson, founder of writing agency The Table. We hosted a great group from a range of creative agencies and brands. Having battled through the snow to join us in the Whitechapel Gallery’s Creative Studio, they threw themselves into the day. And […]

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Past tense, future perfect

Errol has rattled down the roll shutter for the last time after running the Hoxton Garage in Cremer Street for 27 years. He featured large in this kaleidoscope of a neighbourhood, chatting to gaggles of visitors and rescuing drivers from the tyranny of their cars. Latterly he embarked on a campaign to raise awareness about […]

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Flatland is a two-dimensional world populated by symmetrical Shapes. It is rigidly divided into classes, which are controlled by a brutal hierarchy. Isosceles Triangles are the proletariat – peasants, labourers and soldiers. Equilateral Triangles are middle class artisans. Rectangles and Pentagons become doctors and lawyers, and Hexagons tend to be executives and administrators. Polygons constitute […]

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DESIRE LINES My studio window looks out on a dog-leg junction where Hackney Road and two side streets meet in an awkward configuration. A few steps east is a push-button Pelican Crossing armed with traffic lights, CCTV, illuminated bollards, solar panels, audible signals, flashing countdown numerals, metal railings and access ramps mounted on a raised […]

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Sound and fury

I aspire to beauty but it can be an ugly world, so I have to record it.

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The Serious Business of Stories

On brand storytelling – I can promise you conflict, strong views, a horrendous piece of jargon and a nice photograph of Zippy and George from Rainbow.

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A Fourth World

It is a love letter to what can unite us; perhaps even a glimpse of a future world without borders.

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Yes, no, definitely maybe – part 2

More excellent writing on Scottish independence

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Yes, no, definitely maybe

The battle for and against Scottish independence is inspiring some fine writing.

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A letter from Michael Wolff

This letter from Michael Wolff was originally commissioned by Kyoorius magazine in Mumbai. Michael contemplates the machinations of the design business, collaboration, humility, and the pitfalls of vanity.   Dear Reader, I’m starting with an apology. I promised to write you an autobiographical letter about the things and images that have inspired me and still […]

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