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Imaginary Client

Once upon a time I helped a luxury hospitality group in the Persian Gulf define and communicate their offer. We had countless conversations around perceptions of luxury, and concluded that 7-star self-indulgence was in the eye of the beholder. Their hotels should provide the culture and environment that inspired guests to create their own luxurious […]

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I Think Therefore I Write

Exciting news about an amazing product. I queued up all bloody night to become one of the first proud owners of the eagerly anticipated ePen™. Writing has always been an erroneous task, but now every thought you think can be intuitively turbocharged, enabling metaphors, alliteration and onomatopoeia to click into place like components on a […]

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Dumb and dumber

Jemima Burrill’s visceral videos and photos set in prosaic locations question the way we think about bodies, sexuality and gender. Just back from DUMB where Jemima – accompanied by gagged sympathisers – stood on a bucket and staged a protest at the lack of women in the new coalition cabinet, and in politics in general. […]

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I, Claud, and that damn worm

Along with the incision of his analyses into hubris, oppression, corruption and war, ‘I, Claud’ is sustained by an inspiring belief in our desire and ability to change the world for the better. Whether you lean his ideological way or not, you might find his optimism refreshing.

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