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DESIRE LINES My studio window looks out on a dog-leg junction where Hackney Road and two side streets meet in an awkward configuration. A few steps east is a push-button Pelican Crossing armed with traffic lights, CCTV, illuminated bollards, solar panels, audible signals, flashing countdown numerals, metal railings and access ramps mounted on a raised […]

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A Fourth World

It is a love letter to what can unite us; perhaps even a glimpse of a future world without borders.

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The best pictures are on the radio

Alan Dein is fly-fishing the airwaves again with a 4th series of Don’t Log Off. His rod is Facebook, his line is Skype, his bait is an invitation – talk to me. The acoustic of the programme suggests we are tucked up in a midnight cupboard deep in the bowels of Broadcasting House. Slivers of music […]

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Second Person

On the trail of Ian McEwan in Norwich, the City of Literature

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Darkness in the heart of town

Of all the impacts of the storm, the loss of power and its impact on the quality and availability of light has been one of its most clearly visible and surprising aspects.

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Words in the airways

From a glowing Bakelite wireless in the distant 1950s to the latest digital receiver, my ears have experienced an onslaught of millions of multi-layered words.

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All aboard

Depending on where you find yourself in New York City, outdoor chess is almost certainly available within 15 to 20 minutes.

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War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength

Question: What do racism, ostracism, despotism, sectarianism, fanaticism, nationalism, evangelism, symbolism, jingoism, patriotism, puritanism, factionalism and totalitarianism have in common? Answer: Euphemism.     Just back from Berlin and the Topography of Terror project, which catalogues the horrors of the Nazi era through images and texts. The building is located on the site previously occupied […]

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Poetry in motion

I am sitting in the works canteen of LMS Engineering just outside Brussels with the founder Urbain Vandeurzen, and brand consultant Michael Wolff. The complex of offices and research labs is so immaculate you could eat your lunch off the surfaces – and we are; scallops simmered in white wine sauce, poached salmon and creamed […]

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Postcards from Paradise

Who needs the hassle of traffic jams, rammed airports, heaving ferries and bloated beaches when you can hang out at the Southbank. This glorious rolling festival has been the hit of the summer with thrilling exhibitions, ambush fountains, curious pavilions, an allotment in the sky, and an intriguing language installation that has set everyone talking […]

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