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The other day I ran a writing workshop for designers with the talented Rob Self-Pierson, founder of writing agency The Table. We hosted a great group from a range of creative agencies and brands. Having battled through the snow to join us in the Whitechapel Gallery’s Creative Studio, they threw themselves into the day. And […]

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Leaders and Speechwriters

‘You start by writing down the headline you want to see in the paper after you’ve delivered the speech. Then you write the two press releases for the articles you want to appear as follow-up stories to the speech. Then you sit down to write the speech.’ Paddy Ashdown

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A thunder of assent

Throughout Churchill: The Power of Words, you are reminded of the importance of the physicality of writing, and the way in which the scaffolding of language is built, piece by piece, with effort and craft, to arrive at something which inspires, moves and motivates

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War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength

Question: What do racism, ostracism, despotism, sectarianism, fanaticism, nationalism, evangelism, symbolism, jingoism, patriotism, puritanism, factionalism and totalitarianism have in common? Answer: Euphemism.     Just back from Berlin and the Topography of Terror project, which catalogues the horrors of the Nazi era through images and texts. The building is located on the site previously occupied […]

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You’ve got mail

There are some profoundly important pieces in this collection – asides, sideswipes and ruminations that bring the often complex theories and personalities of individuals into the language of everyday life.

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The Mindless Menace of Violence

What has violence ever accomplished? What has it ever created?

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