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Slave to the rhythm

Rhythm is the hidden magic within great writing.

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Rock Paper Scissors

To mark William Burroughs’ 100th birthday (snippets of him live on in all of us) here’s a bunch of vids. A Man Within CIA Assassin? Thanksgiving prayer William Burroughs photographs Love your enemies Shotgun paintings Dr Benway operates The Threepenny Opera Destroy all rational thought Cut-Ups Junkie Cut-Up Balloons in Black & White Commissioner of Sewers […]

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  I spent my schooldays staring the glass out of the windows. The poverty of expectation suffocated aspiration. The punitive discipline blunted everything about us. Teachers yawned their way through lessons. I had been imprisoned for a crime I had not committed. I hid from bullies and sports masters in music and art rooms, inventing […]

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Special delivery

This beautiful, limited edition letterpress poster arrived in the post this morning. Designed and printed by Justin Knopp at Typoretum, the piece was originally created to accompany my interview with the Gentle Author of Spitalfields Life in the first issue of Random Spectacular.

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Random Spectacular

Spitalfields Life is an important counter-argument to the ridiculous but common notion that people don’t like to read online.

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WORDSTOCK – One Amazing Day

WORDSTOCK began as a twinkle in our collective eyes at a 26 Board meeting: Could it be possible to attract 70 people who are mad about writing and communications to a wordstorming Saturday somewhere in central London? And if so, who so, where so, when so? Approaching likely punters was the easy bit because 26 […]

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Could be foggy

The English language in America is fog-bound. This is hellish serious, more serious than who will be the next Republican nominee for the Presidency

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Between the lines

Despite the Cold War editorial shadow play, much of what Encounter published seems thoughtful, considered and independent, and certainly bears reading today.

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Eric Baker is design director for The O Group and a professor at The School of Visual Arts, New York. He’s also a prolific and imaginative collector of books and graphic ephemera. Every week or so he publishes an eclectic sample of images via the Design Observer blog. His mini-collections – or recollections – invite your mind to […]

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Fire & Knives

This new food quarterly is full of visual treats and shows some deft editorial design touches, but it’s the writing that makes this a rather delicious experience.

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