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Rock Paper Scissors

To mark William Burroughs’ 100th birthday (snippets of him live on in all of us) here’s a bunch of vids. A Man Within CIA Assassin? Thanksgiving prayer William Burroughs photographs Love your enemies Shotgun paintings Dr Benway operates The Threepenny Opera Destroy all rational thought Cut-Ups Junkie Cut-Up Balloons in Black & White Commissioner of Sewers […]

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  I spent my schooldays staring the glass out of the windows. The poverty of expectation suffocated aspiration. The punitive discipline blunted everything about us. Teachers yawned their way through lessons. I had been imprisoned for a crime I had not committed. I hid from bullies and sports masters in music and art rooms, inventing […]

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From home to home

A collaborative poem on a building site hoarding makes for a more interesting, intriguing piece of communication

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City of Literature

One of the postcards caused me some disquiet. It recalls a shocking episode from my days living in Norwich. I didn’t want to trivialise something that left many people deeply upset. But Ian McEwan’s Sweet Tooth had taken me right back to the site of that event, and I felt it would be dishonest if I didn’t reflect this in my piece.

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‘A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.’ William James  

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Street type

a lovely exercise that helps to sharpen your eye, and your thinking, about the designed world around you.

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WORDSTOCK – One Amazing Day

WORDSTOCK began as a twinkle in our collective eyes at a 26 Board meeting: Could it be possible to attract 70 people who are mad about writing and communications to a wordstorming Saturday somewhere in central London? And if so, who so, where so, when so? Approaching likely punters was the easy bit because 26 […]

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Postcards from Paradise

Who needs the hassle of traffic jams, rammed airports, heaving ferries and bloated beaches when you can hang out at the Southbank. This glorious rolling festival has been the hit of the summer with thrilling exhibitions, ambush fountains, curious pavilions, an allotment in the sky, and an intriguing language installation that has set everyone talking […]

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No real point

Cheryl Cole and L’Oreal ads are common targets of mimicry, but this artist hasn’t done enough to move the narrative on.

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Sweetly mixed

The need to ensure that museum visitors ‘get’ everything first time is corrosive and limiting. There’s nothing wrong with captions and catalogues that stretch our understanding, that is what the process of learning involves, after all

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