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On Elfgate

In the early days of writing for websites, when the Internet was still barely off the edge of Sir Timothy Berners-Lee’s desk, this sort of content, measured in volume and not clarity, was a form of the blight known as shovelware.

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Fighting talk

There are words whose unexpected appearance in the public domain causes a combination of fascination and dictionary grabbing. And then there is another category of words whose appearance is so utterly surprising that you just have to sit back and admire the sheer etymological bravado of it all. Such a word popped up in headlines the world over this past Friday. The American government’s choice of ‘bellicose’ to describe the rhetoric of North Korea.

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On authenticity

There is, as far as design is concerned, a problem in that authenticity is perceived by many as being reliant on the final outcome of the act.

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Darkness in the heart of town

Of all the impacts of the storm, the loss of power and its impact on the quality and availability of light has been one of its most clearly visible and surprising aspects.

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All aboard

Depending on where you find yourself in New York City, outdoor chess is almost certainly available within 15 to 20 minutes.

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A thunder of assent

Throughout Churchill: The Power of Words, you are reminded of the importance of the physicality of writing, and the way in which the scaffolding of language is built, piece by piece, with effort and craft, to arrive at something which inspires, moves and motivates

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