The other day I ran a writing workshop for designers with the talented Rob Self-Pierson, founder of writing agency The Table. We hosted a great group from a range of creative agencies and brands. Having battled through the snow to join us in the Whitechapel Gallery’s Creative Studio, they threw themselves into the day. And it really was intense. In fact we’ve called this new workshop Verb because it’s all about doing – listening, watching, noting yes; but also writing, editing, sketching, playing, discussing, questioning, testing, presenting… Most of all it’s about fearlessly exploring all sorts of ways to develop how a brand can speak (and sing).

It’s incredibly satisfying to see people’s confidence and skills with language blossom as the day unfolds. So we’re going to be running the same open workshop a few times during the year. And we might also run special events for those who have become verbers (hello if that’s you!). Drop me a line via Twitter if you’d like to know more.

That’s all background for the following links to articles on 66000. I promised our first set of verbers I’d point them towards a few pieces that might provoke further thoughts on writing, design and communication. Feel free to discuss any of this with me on that Twitter.

Why stories matter – on brand storytelling (if there isn’t conflict it ain’t a story)

Calisthenics for the brain – the power of writing as thinking

Sound and fury – a lively interview about words, visual expression, money and death with artist Paul Davis

Slave to the rhythm – an interview with me talking about writing, design, advertising and lots more, in Brazilian magazine Epoca Negocios (English version)


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