Rock Paper Scissors


To mark William Burroughs’ 100th birthday (snippets of him live on in all of us) here’s a bunch of vids.

WB and Alan Ginsberg

A Man Within

WB, Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger

CIA Assassin?

WB and Debbie Harry

Thanksgiving prayer

WB and Frank Zappa

William Burroughs photographs

William S. Burroughs and Jack Kerouac on Sofa

Love your enemies

WB and J G Ballard

Shotgun paintings

WB and David Bowie

Dr Benway operates

WB and Francis Bacon

The Threepenny Opera

WB and Brion Gysin

Destroy all rational thought

WB andf Susan Sontag


William Burroughs and Jean Michel Basquiat


WB and Patti Smith

Cut-Up Balloons in Black & White

WB and Tom Waits

Commissioner of Sewers

WB and Joe Strummer

Talking about writing and art

WB and Madonna

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