Turned out nice again

The Southbank Centre invited me to create a language installation for the Festival of Neighbourhood. The site stretches from Waterloo Bridge to the London Eye, and incorporates the new Jubilee Gardens that front the old Shell complex.

Southbank - RFH frontage lo-res

Language is a strong theme in this year’s summer festivities. They include the London Literary Festival, typo-graphics by Bob and Roberta Smith, Yoko Ono’s Meltdown, and a season of stand-ups at the Udderbelly inflatable theatre. Bob and Roberta talk beautifully about the value of creative expression in this D&AD film. Yoko has been exploring the relationship between words and actions in performance art since the 1950s when she was mentored by John Cage. See this glorious clip of her 80th birthday celebrations at the Volksbühne (people’s theatre) in Berlin.

To source material for this show, I designed a workshop for Southbank staff exploring the vernacular language we all use in our neighbourhoods. These feral phrases appear to be trivial or even subliminal, but represent a highly stylised form of communication; a kind of sonar we send out to gauge relationships and assert ourselves. These sound bites are loaded with other meanings that are as much about existentialism as making contact, and celebrate the wit and wisdom that glues our social networks together.

Thanks to Jude Kelly, Shân Maclennan, Julie Flavell, Elin Williams, Southbank staff, Jasmine Cooray and Steve Smith at Urban Narrative.

Southbank - Hello and flags lo-res

Southbank 8 July - Big party at How old are your two? Low-res

Southbank 8 July - Fly a kite. Low-res

Southbank 8 July - Did they win bubble blower. Low-resSouthbank 8 July - Fancy seeing you. Boy in park. Low-res

Southbank 8 July - Got to dash relaxing. Low-res

Southbank 8 July - Here comes trouble girl and boy. Low-res

Southbank 8 July - Horse head slept well. Low-res

Southbank 8 July - How are you marketplace. Low-res

Southbank 8 July - How old are you? Low-res

Southbank 8 July - Lovely to see you table at fountain. Low-res

Southbank 8 July - Mum says. Low-res

Southbank 8 July - Need any help & thanks for asking. Low-res

Southbank 8 July - Nice haircut playground. Low-res

Southbank 8 July - Nice to meet you staircase. Low-res

Southbank 8 July - Our house. Boy with stools. Low-res

Southbank 8 July - Sun's out. Low-res

Southbank 8 July - Tattooed skater. Local News. Low-res

Southbank 8 July - What's going on. Low-res

Southbank 8 July - You look happy BFI. Low-res

Southbank 8 July - You going? Spectators. Low-res

Southbank - Next door but one

Southbank - Couple on astroturf

Southbank - LOL for David Cameron

Southbank - Moving in lo-res

Southbank - Fancy a natterSouthbank - Just popping out lo-resSouthbank - Forgot my key lo-resSouthbank - Our house lo-resSouthbank - Who lives there lo-res

Southbank - Can't wait lo-res

Southbank - SupermanSouthbank - Car's died again and cyclistSouthbank - Dinner's ready lo-res

Southbank - What's on your mind lo-res

Southbank - I live at No 23 Southbank terrace party lo-rezSouthbank - How are you? Hidden head

Southbank - Yellow wall and EyeSouthbank - See you there lo-res

Southbank - Must runSouthbank - Nice haircut lo-res

Southbank - I like that. Mother and daughterSouthbank - Caught the sun & fountain lo-rezSouthbank - And?






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