Consider yourself at home

This is one of my favourite customer service signs, complete with seasonal make-over. You’ll find it in Gaddis & Co, in Luxor, Egypt. The shop is crammed with gifts, books and trinkets, along with photographs from the collection of Attaya Gaddis. The shop’s website picks up the story: ‘Gaddis started working at the Beato studio in Luxor in 1897 at the tender age of eight where he was introduced to dry gelatin coated, glass plate process, photography. In 1907 Beato began preparations to leave Egypt and sold his business to the then eighteen year old Gaddis.’ Tourism and war brought many opportunities for Gaddis, both commercial and photographic. His collection captures extraordinary years in the life of Egypt. If you ever find yourself in Luxor, drop by the shop and talk to the people there about the photographs. Many can be extracted from the endless rows of archive drawers, some bought as a print. The shop is right next to the Winter Palace Hotel, on the banks of the Nile. Remember to make yourself at home.


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