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Making every word tell

Without confidence in your audience you can’t produce writing with personality.

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Points of view

As cities become evermore dynamic and kinetic, writers have to judge their position in or around the flow of life.

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Hat-trick from Galeano

Beautiful literary footwork from Eduardo Galeano. “Years have gone by and I’ve finally learned to accept myself for who I am: a beggar for good football. I go about the world, hand outstretched, and in the stadiums I plead: ‘A pretty move, for the love of God.’ And when good football happens, I give thanks […]

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Brighton rock

I’ve just seen a rather startling example of what happens when the big idea behind a campaign isn’t followed through in the detail. It’s a recruitment initiative from Brighton & Hove City Council, which is hoping to attract four new ‘strategic directors’ …

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Full of passionate intensity

We are passionate about accountancy. Abacus We are passionate about insurance. Churchill Insurance We are passionate about drains. Amalgamated Services We are passionate about initial public offerings. Renaissance Capital We are passionate about engaging employers in developing their workforce and raising the aspirations and achievements of all learners. B-Skill We are passionate about our cattle. Martin’s […]

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Imaginary Client

Once upon a time I helped a luxury hospitality group in the Persian Gulf define and communicate their offer. We had countless conversations around perceptions of luxury, and concluded that 7-star self-indulgence was in the eye of the beholder. Their hotels should provide the culture and environment that inspired guests to create their own luxurious […]

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I Think Therefore I Write

Exciting news about an amazing product. I queued up all bloody night to become one of the first proud owners of the eagerly anticipated ePen™. Writing has always been an erroneous task, but now every thought you think can be intuitively turbocharged, enabling metaphors, alliteration and onomatopoeia to click into place like components on a […]

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Bottles, beliefs and blobs

My review of ‘A Book about Innocent: Our Story and Some Things We’ve Learned’ by Richard Reed and Dan Germain, from Eye magazine. Shortly after it began trading, Innocent received a letter from the Trading Standards Office enquiring about the two ‘plump nuns’ listed among the ingredients of a smoothie. Innocent replied that it was […]

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