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Today, just as the heating system in the sky began its inevitable Bank Holiday fade, I came across a photograph I took last May, in a local church. It shows the top of a Portway Patent Tortoise Slow Combustion Stove. These were designed and built by Charles Portway in the 1830s. By 1900 he had […]

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Rabbits & Rats & Co Ltd

I am amazed that Shoreditch and Hoxton are cursed with so much dismal graffiti. You have complete freedom to do whatever you want to do, but most can barely rub two ideas together. So all the more brilliant to discover works of bloody art which not only regurgitate the neighbourhood, but you love so much […]

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Sneak peek

I couldn’t resist sharing these pics from my local, just-about-to-open station. It’s rather lovely inside if you like concrete, glass and all that (which I do). The overground orange livery is dandy too. If you’re in the Shoreditch area pop down to the station and speak nicely to the ticket inspectors – they have no […]

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Honour and silk

My wife Lesley Katon has an avian eye for wonderful second-hand books. No gloamy back room, unsorted pile or foxed cover can temper her pursuit of a homeless bibliographical gem. So it was yesterday, when she returned from our local bookshop – Dim & Distant – with this battered but beautiful piece. Published by Delpire in […]

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Eric Baker is design director for The O Group and a professor at The School of Visual Arts, New York. He’s also a prolific and imaginative collector of books and graphic ephemera. Every week or so he publishes an eclectic sample of images via the Design Observer blog. His mini-collections – or recollections – invite your mind to […]

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26:50 — Free to write

26:50 is a remarkable creative partnership between two organisations – the writers’ group 26 and International PEN – marking 50 years of the International PEN Writers in Prison committee. Fifty UK-based writers (all members of 26) were given 50 words to write about one of Pen’s emblematic cases – authors who have been persecuted for their words […]

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Ghosts of Spain

A series of physical and metaphysical journeys to exhume the ghosts that make Spain such an evocative experience.

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Fire & Knives

This new food quarterly is full of visual treats and shows some deft editorial design touches, but it’s the writing that makes this a rather delicious experience.

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